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Sina Adl Professor

5D20 - Agriculture Building

Research Area(s)

  • Soil biology
  • Protist diversity and systematics
  • Soil micro-invertebrates
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Food webs
  • Community structure
  • Microbial ecology


Soil Science

Research Interests

Recent work included following nutrient paths through soil food webs using the stable isotopes 15N and 13C. We have recently worked on a variety of other aspects of soil ecology and field management. These include long term effects of field management on soil biology and nutrients; and soil amendments (composted municipal solid waste, manure, biosolids, biochar); organic agriculture and no-tillage.  We have worked with a variety of soil samples from the sub-arctic, to grasslands, desert crusts, temperate to tropical forests, agricultural fields, and with micro-fossils in amber. We rely on sampling commercial agricultural fields and forest plantations, experimental field sites, greenhouse seedling experiments, and microcosms.

I am a past-president of the International Society for Protistology (2010-2013). I am editor-in-chief of the Elsevier journal “Rhizosphere”.

Ongoing and new research projects include the following:

Rhizosphere ecology and soil nutrient availability to roots. We are continuing our rhizosphere food web manipulations to look for effects on specific nutrient uptake by roots. We use Arabidopsis mutants, wheat and canola commercial varieties in controlled laboratory studies for spectroscopic and genomic analysis.

Root-soil nutrient uptake and exudate release. We obtained funds for a new Phyto-PET scanner at the cyclotron to follow 11N into plants and out of roots into soil. These studies will be extended to other metabolites and nutrients.

No-tillage agriculture nitrogen fixation. After several decades of no-tillage agriculture, has free-living nitrogen fixation returned to our agricultural soils? We use identified commercial fields for in-lab 15N tracer studies and genomic assay of bacteria functional communities.

Scaling-up pulse innovations for food and nutrition security in southern Ethiopia. Since 1997 this project has continued to grow in scope and impact through a continuous turnover of researchers. The project provides a second annual crop of modern locally developed legume varieties, to improve household income and nutrition. At this stage we are transferring our project to the regional government authorities to expand our farm outreach and education; and our nutrition outreach and education to mothers and woman-led households.

Designing crops for Global Food Security. This is a large interdisciplinary project that aims to rejuvenate and modernise research in crop development [ http://www.cfref-apogee.gc.ca/results-resultats/abstracts-resumes/University_of_Saskatchewan-eng.aspx  ]. It is held and managed through the Global Institute for Food Security [ http://gifs.ca/ ].

Selected Recent Publications

E. Richardson, G. Walker, G. MacIntyre, S. Quideau, J.B. Dacks, and S. Adl. 2014. Next-generation sequencing of protists as a measure of natural soil microbial eukaryotic community in the oil sands region. OSRIN, Alberta. Project report.

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